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My visit to Amarnath Ji was truly divine, and fun at the same time. We went in a group of 15 people and although, the journey was hectic, we were refreshed after the darshan!!
Agatha Jones, California

I have heard a lot about your services and wish to visit amarnath ji this year. I got to know from someone that your deals are genuine and good. So I would like to try your services this time.
Adam Phillipe, France

I went to Amarnath 3 years back and found the experience ultimate, and since the temple is in Kashmir, thanks to your package we also got to explore some more Kashmir and found it extremely good.
Baba Banarasi Das, India

Amarnath Cave is religious and it provides a feel of the presence of Shiva and Parvati which is ultimate and I cannot describe the feeling in words. Would definitely visit it again.
Niranjan Singh, Singapore

Amarnath Travel Tips

Amarnath Yatra Travel Guide

What to do

  • Physical fitness is the most important tip for travelling to Amarnath. To carry out a stress free journey, it is advised to be physically fit and healthy, due to lack of oxygen in that area.
  • Carry the essential warm clothing, wind shield and proper shoes. Trekking through the high mountains is required so all these things are needed to remain warm in the cold climate.
  • Keep tags containing your name, address and the name with all through the trip.
  • Carry water bottles, nuts, and baked grams during the journey.
  • Cold cream and Vaseline would help to protect your skin from the cold winds.
  • Take some relaxation in between the journey and don’t exert yourself too much.
  • Travelers are advised to follow the instructions issued by the Yatra administration.
  • From Pahalgam, keep the clothes and eatables in plastic bags to avoid things getting drenched in the rain due to erratic weather conditions.
  • Carry some important medicines like Glucose, Disprin etc. for immediate relief.
  • Ladies should be in jeans, track suits or salwar kameez for comfort during the journey.

What to not do

  • Don’t halt at places which are marked by warning notices.
  • Don’t consume drugs during the journey.
  • Children and aged people should avoid this yatra, keeping in view the tough nature of the yatra.
  • Do not carry oily/greasy or fried food during the yatra.
  • Do not use slippers because of the steep areas in between on the route to Amarnath.