About Amarnath Yatra Amarnath Tour Packages


My visit to Amarnath Ji was truly divine, and fun at the same time. We went in a group of 15 people and although, the journey was hectic, we were refreshed after the darshan!!
Agatha Jones, California

I have heard a lot about your services and wish to visit amarnath ji this year. I got to know from someone that your deals are genuine and good. So I would like to try your services this time.
Adam Phillipe, France

I went to Amarnath 3 years back and found the experience ultimate, and since the temple is in Kashmir, thanks to your package we also got to explore some more Kashmir and found it extremely good.
Baba Banarasi Das, India

Amarnath Cave is religious and it provides a feel of the presence of Shiva and Parvati which is ultimate and I cannot describe the feeling in words. Would definitely visit it again.
Niranjan Singh, Singapore

Amarnath Food

What to Eat

  • Cereals, Pulses, Green Vegetable, Potato, Saag, Nutrela, Besan Curry, Plain Dal, Green Salad, Fruits and Sprouts.
  • Plain Rice, Zeera Rice, Khichri and Nutrela Rice
  • Roti/phulka, dal roti, missi roti, makki di roti, tandoori roti, bread, kulcha, double roti, rusk, chocolate biscuits, roasted channa, jiggery, sambar, idli, uttapam, poha, vegetable sandwich, bread jam, kashmiri nan and veg momos (Oil, butter, cream, cheese will not be used).
  • Herbal tea,coffee, low fat curd, sharbat, lemon squash, water, low fat milk, fruit juice, veg soup, mineral water and glucose.
  • Kheer(rice/sabudana), white oat, figs, raisins, apricots, other dry fruits, low fat milk sawain, honey boiled sweets, roasted papad, khakra, til ka ladoo, dhokla, chikki, rewri, phulian, makhane, murmure, dry petha, amla murabba, fruit murabba and green coconut.

What not to Eat

  • All Non-Veg Foods, Alcohol, Tobacco, Gutka, Pan, Pan Masala, Smoking and other Intoxicants.
  • Heavy Pulao and Fried Rice.
  • Poori, batura, pizza, burger, stuffed paratha, dosa, fried roti, bread with butter, cream based food items, pickle, chutney, fried papad, chowmein, and all other fried and fast food.
  • Cold drink and karrah
  • Halwa, jalebi, gulab jamun, laddu, khoya burfi, rasgulla and all other halwai items, crunchy snacks, chips, matthi, namkeen, pakora, samosa, fried dry fruits, and other deep fried items.

Note : -
  • The above food menu shall apply to langar organizations/food stalls/shops/other establishments which come up in the Yatra area to serve / sell food to yatris / service providers. No item mentioned under ‘Banned Menu’ shall be served / sold / stored by the langar organizations/ food stalls/ shops / other establishments.
  • District Magistrates of Ganderbal and Anantnag District shall issue appropriate orders under Ranbir Penal Code specifying penalties to be imposed for violation of the food prescribed above
  • To prevent dehydration, plain water should be served in large quantities to the yatris/ service provider